Keeping Fit & Active Over 70

Here are six different exercises that are great for maintaining strength and balance for older people. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have a great video showing them all - I'll put the link below. Share this with anyone you know that might benefit from doing these.

You will need - a sturdy chair and your shoes on 🙃

1. Sit to stand. Sit tall near the front of your chair, lean forwards slightly and stand up - try not to use your hands 😊. Step back so you can feel the chair behind you and slowly sit back down. Repeat 10 times

2. Heel raises. Stand holding onto the back of a sturdy chair. Lift your heels off the floor. Hold for three seconds and lower. Repeat 10 times

3. Toe raises. Stand holding onto the back of a sturdy chair and raise your toes, taking your weight onto your heels. Don't stick your bottom out 🤭. Hold three seconds and repeat 10 times

4. One leg stand. Stand close to your chair and hold it with one hand. Balance on one leg keeping your other knee soft and posture upright. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

5. Heel-toe stand. With one hand on your chair put one foot directly in front of the other to make a straight line. Look ahead, take your hands off your support and balance for 10 seconds. Hold on again, swap your feet over and repeat

6. Heel-toe walking. Stand next to the kitchen work top or a sideboard. Look ahead and walk 10 steps forward in a straight line - as though you're on a tightrope. Have a rest, turn around and repeat going the other way.

Do these every day to reduce the risk of falls and increase strength and balance 🤸‍♀️ Check out the video here by clicking on the picture below to take you to the you tube link

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