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We were talking about sleep in clinic earlier 😴😴 if there's one thing that will delay healing and increase your pain levels it's lack of sleep! If you're struggling to get comfy try one of the following positions depending on what the problem is:

😴If you're struggling with back pain, hip pain, or leg pain try lying on your 'good' or 'better' side, knee and hips bent and a decent pillow lengthways between your legs (pictured).

😴if its neck pain that's bothering you - make sure that you don't have too many or too little pillows - your head should be in a 'neutral' position so your ears are in line with your shoulders - grab someone close by to check for you (make sure you know them though πŸ˜‰). You could also try a hand towel rolled lengthways and placed inside the pillowcase along the bottom edge so it fills in the gap when you're on your side :-)

😴If it's shoulder or arm pain that's the problem try sleeping on the 'good's side again but this time hug a squishy cushion so your painful arm is over the cushion. Or if you're better on your back place a folded towel under your elbow to stop it from falling backwards.

Finally general tips:

😴If rolling over wakes you up try sticking a pillow lengthways behind your back to stop you rolling over.

😴If you're lying there trying to get to sleep its better to get up and wonder around then come back to bed than lie there thinking about it - sometimes the change of position is enough to adjust your blood pressure and can help pain levels, as well as helping take your mind of it.

😴Finally if bedtime and the thought of the night ahead is stressing you out try a relaxation app on your phone before bed, a nice hot bath or changing your nightime routine a bit and make sure you've done some exercise or got some fresh air in the day. Nos Da! Good night xx

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