To x-ray or not to x-ray....

I love this picture from @physio_memes on Instagram πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But on a serious note, did you know that scans and x-rays aren't always as helpful as you may think?

Lots of people, understandably, think we need to see "what's going on inside" so we "know what we're dealing with"

However these days our understanding of imaging gives us a tonne of research showing that many of the "abnormalities" we see on scans and x-rays for things like knee, hip, shoulder and spinal pain are all normal variants that can be seen in people without symptoms!

So when your health professional doesn't suggest doing a scan or x-ray immediately or tells you you don't need one, it's usually because the management plan of the symptoms you're presenting with will not be changed by the results of the imaging.

In fact in my role in the spinal clinic I've seen countless times where knowing something on your x-ray that turns out to be a totally normal variant caused lots of stress and worry un-necessarily.

More on this in the next few weeks. Any questions pop them in the comments section :-)

questions pop them in the comments section.

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