Open letter to the person with back pain

To the person struggling with back pain:

You may have had back pain on and off for a long time, perhaps even years. Perhaps this episode just hasn't settled like the other ones did. Perhaps it's now really starting to get you down. Firstly, you should know you're not alone, persistent pain can feel isolating and stop you from doing all the things you used to enjoy doing because it all becomes too much effort, it can start to feel like it's taking over and you're not your normal self any more but there are lots of people out there who feel the same and often talking about how it makes you feel can really help. Starting to make some changes and do something about it can also help on the road to getting back in control.

It's often hard for your loved ones and friends to really understand the pain you're in because you haven't got something visible and obvious, and often the pain changes, you might be able to do something one day and not the next, which can make it frustrating for you to plan things and it makes it harder for those around you to understand.

I want you to know that although your pain is not nice it can, and does, get better. The vast majority of back pain is NOT due to serious causes and in fact all the latest research supports the fact that the very best way of treating back pain is through being active and gradually increasing what you are doing.

I also want you to know that just because it hurts, it doesn't mean you are causing harm, your spine is strong and designed to move. Pain is a very real but complex and multifactorial thing and is not related purely to what's going on in your tissues but actually to many different factors (we'll discuss this more later in the month).

If you're struggling to manage your back pain alone or you need some extra guidance please do contact a physiotherapist - we can assess your back thoroughly, give you tailored advice on specific exercises, give specific hands on treatment when needed and support you in achieving the ultimate goal of taking back control and putting you in charge of your pain instead of it calling all the shots.

I will be sharing my top tips on managing back pain and some great resources over the next few months on this page so keep an eye out for these. Put a comment below if you'd like to be updated when these are available.

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