Getting the most out of your walking aid

As a physio, one of the things we often advice people on is how to use their stick or elbow crutch correctly - it's amazing what a difference it can make when you get it right!

Here are my top 4 tips - tag someone who could find this useful:

1. Top of the list is make sure your walking aid is on the opposite side to the problem. I know it can sound odd but trust me on this one. So if you have a problem with your left knee/hip/ankle etc you should be using your stick in the ri...ght hand.

2. Make sure the stick/crutch is the right size for you - to do this get someone to help you - stand up nice and tall and place the aid next to your arm but don't hold on to it. The stem of the crutch or top of the stick should be level with your wrist crease. Too high? get it lowered! too low? get a new one!

3. Keep an eye on your ferrules - these are the grey rubber bits on the end of your walking aid - they should have a series of circles under them that should all be even in height- if they don't it means it needs replacing as it may be a slip hazard - get it changed - particularly as the winter is coming!

4. Fed up of your crutches falling over every time you lean them against something when not in use? Turn them upside down! the bit that goes round your arm forms a nice wide base meaning it won't fall over! Genius!

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