Play Golf? Got Knee pain? Bet I can guess which one...

Did you know...

Knees are the second most commonly injured joint for Golfer's. The left knee is the most likely to be injured by right-handed golfers.

Here are my top 5 tips for avoiding knee pain when playing golf:

1. Turn your feet out slightly when swinging to reduce the amount you pivot, especially on your lead leg. This decreases the amount of stress through your knee.

2. Avoid spikes on your shoes, or use shorter spikes - these can maximise the twisting effect on your knee.

3. If you have knee pain during your swing - try to limit the amount of golf your playing (I know its hard when the sun is shining 😉) and when you are playing go for half swings instead.

4. Lots of people ask me about wearing a knee brace or support - my thoughts are if the pain is mild and acute (only been around a few days to weeks) then wearing a knee support during golf is fine - but only in the very short term - if symptoms persist get it checked out. Wearing knee supports for any length of time eventually does more harm than good. This is because your body becomes reliant on it and the muscles get weaker...leading to more pain. (This advice goes for any knee pain, golf related or not)

5. If symptoms persist or you are unable to continue playing or are struggling to walk - get it checked out

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