October 14, 2019

So I drew this yesterday in clinic and thought I'd share it with you 😁☃️

This is an analogy I used to explain to a patient:
1. Why the problem they have now isn't necessarily the problem they had at the start and
2. Why the pain they have got now has persisted for many...

May 2, 2019

We are now offering antenatal and postnatal rehabilitation for any of the following problems:

💗Pelvic girdle pain (also called SPD pain)
💗Diastasis rectus abdominus (when you get a gap between your tummy muscles at the front)
💗Back pain
💗Pelvic floor problems

February 10, 2019

Really enjoying my second year running guest lecturing at the local

University. Yesterday we were talking about pain and the brain.

Check out this slide from my talk which shows how the brain of someone in persistent pain lights up, there are actually over 400 different...

January 4, 2019


We were talking about sleep in clinic earlier 😴😴 if there's one thing that will delay healing and increase your pain levels it's lack of sleep! If you're struggling to get comfy try one of the following positions depending on what the problem is:


November 6, 2018

If you, or someone you know, uses a walking stick, or crutches then check out our top five tips below to make sure you're doing so correctly!

1. Make sure its in the correct hand!
This is something us physio's are correcting all the time. The walking aid should always b...

October 17, 2018

I love this picture from @physio_memes on Instagram 😂😂

But on a serious note, did you know that scans and x-rays aren't always as helpful as you may think?

Lots of people, understandably, think we need to see "what's going on inside" so we "know what we're dealing with...